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Managing the new ‍‍‍cloud-based digital workplace is a journey.  

Step One – Secure your customer’s digital assets.

Zerotek’s multi customer, multi-cloud, multi technician platform delivers this foundational recurring customer service.‍‍‍


Step Two – Add new recurring management services

Zerotek delivers a single-pane-of-glass solution designed to deliver the full range of services your customers require.

With Zerotek’s management layer for Okta we are able to completely streamline the way our technicians manage our many customers, reducing costs and speeding our response time to customer issues. Lifecycle actions such as password and MFA resets are fast and easy while detailed audits and reports of user and app activities improve security and help us drive end-user adoption.

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Step 1 - Secure your customers’ digital assets

Zerotek has selected and partnered with Okta as the most functional Identity and Access Management platform for MSPs. Your technicians simply sign into Zerotek for a complete MSP-centric experience and lots of extras creating new value for you and your customers.

Brandable App‍‍‍lication Portal‍‍‍

A branded ‍‍‍application portal gives your customers a central view of all their applications.‍‍‍

Single Sign-On‍‍‍‍‍‍

Simplify access by providing a single point of entry for cloud‍‍‍, on-prem and mobile applications.‍‍‍

Multi-Factor Authentication‍‍‍‍‍‍

Simple, yet pow‍‍‍erful, security provides your customers peace of mind.‍‍‍

Active Director‍‍‍y Integration‍‍‍

Integrate with Active Directory and manag‍‍‍e all of your users and customers assets from one place.‍‍‍

User On/Off Bo‍‍‍arding‍‍‍

Automate‍‍‍ user onboarding and offboarding including groups.‍‍‍

SaaS A‍‍‍pplication Library‍‍‍

Integrate with ove‍‍‍r 5000 apps via the Okta library.‍‍‍


Report on usage, id‍‍‍entity security issues and resolve system configuration errors.‍‍‍

User Se‍‍‍lf-Service‍‍‍

Increase adoptions and reduce support calls, self-service lets you‍‍‍r users manage themselves.‍‍‍

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Okta delivers these core features to support MSPs today

  • Complete multi-tenant management dashboard for MSPs
    • Central management view (view, action and report) of multiple organizations
    • Fast response times for frequent actions (e.g. password, MFA resets, reports)
    • Single click access to customer account information
    • Immediate inventory of organizations, on-premise Active Directories, applications, groups and users
    • Secure single click login to customer Okta orgs, with fully automated shared admin account provisioning, rolling password and auditing
  • Streamlined technician access management through Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Eliminate the need to maintain and manage shared login credentials for techs accessing customer sites
    • Assign and manage admin and technician access levels
    • Securely assign and reassign technician customer access
    • Bulk technician assignments based on groups
    • Fast Help Desk account actions such as password resets, expire password or issue MFA factor resets
    • Multi-level visibility into who has access to what for enhanced collaboration and management control
  • Audit and compliance
    • Detailed centralized audit of all technician actions
    • Aggregated user activity events from Okta and Zerotek
  • Single Platform for all SaaS management
    • Consistent streamlined workflows and integrated look and feel for all Zerotek features under development

Zerotek has architected a suite of integrated features to support expanded MSP service offerings.  These are being added based on the priorities of our partner community.

  • Market leading SSO with MFA
  • High security support for thousands of apps used by MSPs and their customers
  • Easy-to-sell foundational security benefits for cloud-based digital transformation

Zerotek now delivers these add‍‍‍itional features for MSP success

Step 2 - Add New Recurring Services

  • Aggregated security monitoring and management across apps
  • Deep application visibility and role management
  • Advanced audit and compliance
  • License tracking and management
  • Application sourcing
  • Vendor management
  • Application integration
  • Integrated data management and backup